15 Anime To Watch If You Loved Re:Zero (2023)

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World was first introduced in 2012 on the Shousetsuka ni Narou website as a light novel series. Illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka and written by Tappei Nagatsuki, this isekai series about a NEET named Subaru, who finds himself transported to a fantasy world, became an instant hit.


White Fox studio picked up the licensing of the novels, and the anime’s first episode aired in 2016. Since then, this show has consistently been rated by fans as one of the most entertaining isekai anime out there. For fans who are looking for similar anime to binge, here are ten recommendations.

Updated by Daniel Kurland on June 24th, 2021:Re:Zero has no shortage of entertaining battles and surprising double-crosses, but there are many diverse elements that bring audiences into the fantasy series.For fans who are looking for similar anime to binge,we've added some more quality recommendations.


15 Orange Is A Striking Coming Of Age Story With An Essential Twist

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On its surface level, Orange tells a very different story than Re:Zero, but Natsuki Subaru bears a lot in common with Orange's Naho Takamiya. Naho doesn't get whisked away to a fantasy world, but supernatural occurrences force her to confront who she is in considerable ways when she receives letters from her future self.

Orange blends romance, mystery, and slice of life aesthetics, but it also taps into a darker energy that's often present in Re:Zero. Both series begin in places where it’s easy to reduce the characters into stereotypes, yet Orange and Re:Zero strive for complexity.

14 Ajin Is A Meditation On Humanity& Power That Presents A Similarly Tortured Hero

15 Anime To Watch If You Loved Re:Zero (2)

Death is a constant in Re:Zero, but the anime filters these executions in a way that's reminiscent of video games more than slasher films. Ajin, however, is an intense horror anime that looks at the relationship between vicious immortal demons known as Ajin, and the government that tries to use them for twisted experiments.

Ajin's modern urban setting clashes with Re:Zero, but it begins with a fatal accident that transforms Kei Nagai into a deadly Ajin. It's an unexpected trajectory that leaves Kei with power and questions, not unlike Natsuki after his death at the start of Re:Zero.

13 From The New World Creates Compelling& Corrupted Power Dynamics

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From the New World is a psychological anime that's set in a shattered world where psychic children are the ultimate commodity, as well as the select few that actually question the idyllic "utopia" that's presented to them.

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From the New World concentrates on Saki, a young girl whose psychic powers just awaken, and the other gifted girls that she meets at a special school for psychics. Saki's awakening and her ability to question the world around her is quite similar to Re:Zero, yet the anime exists in a more realistic world rather than the higher fantasy in Re:Zero.

12 Tokyo Revengers Tells An Epic Story That Transcends Time Itself

15 Anime To Watch If You Loved Re:Zero (4)

Tokyo Revengers is one of the biggest anime to come out of 2021 and it's the perfect combination of revenge, fantasy, suspense, and genuinely fantastic main characters that develop in surprising ways. The two leads in Tokyo Revengers find themselves both caught in time loops where they have the opportunity to save the lives of the ones that they love.

These endless unsuccessful attempts to change the inevitable is so compelling. Their supernatural-fueled journey has the same foundation of the unusual circumstances that turn Re:Zero's Natsuki into a hero.

11 Re:Creators Creates An Epic Free-For-All Between Multiple Mediums

15 Anime To Watch If You Loved Re:Zero (5)

There are countless isekai series that showcase similar storylines as Re:Zero, but Re:Creators goes for broke in this department and delivers something epic and special.

The reverse isekai anime involves an unassuming high school student who becomes a crucial player in a gigantic war that's led to his favorite fictional characters from anime, manga, video games, and more being pulled into the real world. Re:Creators is both familiar to Re:Zero, but also highly different and functions as an excellent deconstruction of the genre.

10 Steins;Gate Helps Isekai Material Evolve Into Heady Sci-Fi

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Steins;Gate, ananime about a “mad” scientist called Rintarou Okabe and his band of outcast friends, was a sleeper hit. Besides having a cast of colorful characters and having a comedic yet dark switch halfway, this series still hails supreme as one of the best anime out there.

Years down the line, it is hailed as one of the best, if not the best, anime from the science fiction genre that deals with a serious issue like time travel, while simultaneously delivering laughs to its audiences.

9 KonoSuba Playfully Leans Into Isekai Archetypes

15 Anime To Watch If You Loved Re:Zero (7)

Kazuma Satou reincarnates in a fantasy world, where he is given the option of choosing his weapons. As luck would have it, he ended up choosing the most useless one, Aqua.

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If that wasn’t bad enough, Kazuma soon realizes he knows nothing of this new world, which means surviving in it will be a lot more complicated than he’d imagined.

8 Erased Is A Bleak Murder Mystery With A Gripping Supernatural Hook

15 Anime To Watch If You Loved Re:Zero (8)

Satoru Fujinuma of the anime series,Erased, has the inexplicable ability to travel back in time, but he always manages to come back. One day, however, he travels back 18 years and is stuck there.

He soon realizes the only way he will ever go back to being himself is when he solves the mystery of his mother’s murder and protects the life of his child classmate, Kayo Hinazuki.

7 The Rising Of The Shield Hero Proves That Heroes Come In Many Shapes& Sizes

15 Anime To Watch If You Loved Re:Zero (9)

Intrepid college student Naofumi Iwatani finds himself in a land named Melromarc, where he has become one of the Four Cardinal Heroes, whose job is to protect this land from varying obstacles.

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As a Shield Hero, he is ridiculed by people for his weakness, and his reputation takes a bigger hit when he is accused of not taking advantage of a girl named Malty. The determined otaku makes it his mission to clear his name and earn the respect of the people around him.

6 Puella Magi Madoka Magica Helps Refine The Magical Girl Genre

15 Anime To Watch If You Loved Re:Zero (10)

More popularly known as Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, this is the magical girl anime that changed the entire genrefor all that would come after it (for the better).

While it begins as any other magical girl anime would, it soon takes a turn for the worse. People start dying left, right and center, and that isn’t even the worst thing that happens in this anime.

5 Higurashi: When They Cry Is A Deceptively Dark& Trippy Experience

15 Anime To Watch If You Loved Re:Zero (11)

Keiichi Maebara uprooted his entire life to move to a remote village, where he quickly makes friends.

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He is shocked to learn that there have been many disappearances and deaths in this peaceful village, and to his dismay, all his questions regarding the same have always been met with silence.It is up to him to figure out what is going on in the village.

4 Sword Art Online Has Become The New Template For Isekai Adventures

15 Anime To Watch If You Loved Re:Zero (12)

Kazuto Kirigaya becomes a beta tester for a new virtual gaming company. Everything seems to be going well when the players of the game realize that they can’t log out, which means they’re stuck in a game where death lurks in every corner.

The only way to get out of this virtual world is to complete 100 levels of that game, and it is up to Kazuto to make that happen and become a hero in the process.

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3 Akame Ga Kill Lets Loose A Very Dangerous Breed Of Assassin

15 Anime To Watch If You Loved Re:Zero (13)

Tatsumi is a starry-eyed new member of the Night Raid, a secret assassination organization of the government.All he wants to do is help people and earn enough money to send back home to his family.

But he soon realizes everything he knew about the country that he lives in has been nothing but a series of lies.

2 No Game, No Life Shows That Skills Can Prove Themselves In Unusual Ways

15 Anime To Watch If You Loved Re:Zero (14)

Shiro and Sora are a brother-sister NEET duo thatare excellent gamers. However, one day they are transported to a fantasy world called Disboard, where all conflicts are resolved through games. This turns out to be a piece of cake for the duo since they have played (and won) games for as long as they can remember.

Besides being a series that is in desperate need of a second season, this series still reigns supreme to isekai watchers as a 12-episode anime and a quick binge.

1 Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ashes Embraces Genre Staples For A Touching Story

15 Anime To Watch If You Loved Re:Zero (15)

The one thing that makes Grimgar stand out in a sea of isekai anime is its stunning art (that is akin to water painting effects) and the realistic way it deals with children finding themselves transported into a completely alien world.

It has everything an isekai fan can ask for, and much more, despite remaining as one of the most underrated isekai series for having more fantasy elements than mostothers in the subgenre.

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